Latent Readiness


So I started a podcast a couple years ago called “The Actors Grind Podcast” and my idea was to bring in actors like myself and just talk.  Actors who aren’t famous (although a few guests were) but are full-time.  I wanted to introduce these actors to the ‘world’ or at least the podcasting world. You know the ones:  “Oh yeah I’ve seen that guy in…”.

Anyway, after about a year of doing it I had a major schedule change so I had to step down & I asked my buddy Dan Schachner to take over as host.  You may know Dan as the Puppy Bowl ref on animal planet.  “Oh yeah…I’ve seen that guy in…”.  See?  Dan did a great job.  The podcast was fun and I learned a ton from my fellow actors and made a few connections with people that last to this day.  But of all the things my guests said, one thing seems to come to mind more than any other…

One of my guests (if I were not a scoundrel I’d go back through the catalog and look up who said it but alas I’m a lout) used the phrase “LATENT READINESS”.  He was speaking about the sensation that he had when he was cast with A-listers in something big and how although nervous, he felt an overwhelming sense that he was ready to deliver when action was called…and he did.  Because of the “ten thousand hours” he had acquired in things like web-series, off-off Broadway shows, daily auditions, live shows, standup, improv, classes etc etc…

I could completely identify as I’ve felt that sensation on sets.  I didn’t have to struggle to find it, or do anything crazy different…it was just…IN ME.  Ah…you know what I mean.  So when big moments arrive, this latent readiness makes it so that one’s attitude isn’t “Oh My God I’m on this show”  It’s more like…”This is what I do.  I just haven’t done it with you guys yet”.  Dig?  It’s a great reminder to trust that it’s there and walk with a bit more confidence.  True in any endeavor.

Anyway a month or so ago our producer “English Kieran”  moved back to England.  So the Grind is dead for the foreseeable future.  Here’s a link to our final episode below.  Cut n paste & give it a listen and I’d encourage you to go through the back catalog of old episodes.  There are dozens of hours of FREE CONTENT right on iTunes from real live full time working actors; very valuable for any actor or those who hope to be.  It’s inspiring, informational and at the very least, fun.  HAVE FUN.  And remember not to wish away the mundane gigs or the shows in front of an audience of three.  They build up your latent readiness so when it’s your turn…it’ll be IN YOU.  There I go again.  I’m like a thirteen year old.