Tales From The Crip


Being an actor is kinda like being in a gang.  Of course, it’s the pussiest gang of all time, where the only crimes committed are things like whining about other actors and craft service drive-by’s.  Donuts next to the carrot sticks?  I think we all know how that’s gonna end.  But when you find your cadre of like-minded thespians..it really is like another kind of family.  We hold on to each other tightly.  The bond is strong in part I think, because we share in that particular brand of actor-y neurosis that you can only really revel in when you have gone from “life-changing-dream-project” to “riding-the-subway-with-no prospect-of-ever-working-again”..in the same day…ALL THE TIME.  What we do for each other is beyond kvetching.  It’s like horse whispering…which is an apt analogy as I have kindofa long horse face.

We can be unjustifiably hopeful and righteously jaded, simultaneously.  It makes for some great lunches.

And so…we claim each other in good times.  And we hold each other up in bad.  I’d like to claim one now.

Awhile back I had this idea for a cop comedy and me and a brilliant cat called Ian Barrett filmed it as a web show.  Co-directing that show with Ian was one of the greatest times of my career.  Seeing my fellow gang members take words I wrote on this very laptop and bring them into living color was a thrill I’ll never forget.  The lead of that web-series (called PARTNERS by the by, which you can watch at www.partnerswebseries.com) was played by Betsy Beutler.  She was amazing.  She even won an Outstanding Actress Award for her work.

Recently Betsy was amazing yet again on the show LEGIT (FX).  That’s a picture of Betsy at the top of this blog entry doing her thing.  It’s an incredible performance.  I see members of my gang pop up all the time on all kinds of different things…and it never fails to move me and keep me fighting.  Way to go Betsy.  We are all flashing you the international actor gang-sign, which looks remarkably like a group hug.  But really, it’s bad ass.  Trust me.

See y’all at the next lunch.  We’ll bitch about how we’ll never work again and then fight over the bill.

That’s Mi Familia, homes.