For over the past decade I have been pounding the pavement as it were, as a working actor in New York City.  The auditions were were my daily job.  The gigs (the commercials, TV shows, films and VO’s) were almost always fun and exciting.  The people:  PRICELESS.

So it is with a somewhat heavy heart that I say farewell to the “actors grind” and all my friends in New York City.  I won’t be in NYC everyday anymore.

To the directors, the agents, assistants, casting, the recording studios, engineers, AD’s, PA’s, crew members, agencies…I thank you all for EVERYTHING.

I must send a lump-in-my-throat thank you to my fellow actors.  I get proud of being an actor, not so much because of my work, but when I see YOUR work and think “Man…I’m one of them”.  Your support, understanding, good cheer and humor were daily gifts.  Special shout-out to my lunch club.  You know who you are and I love you guys forever.

So, where am I going?

Well, I have been given my own show on a new golf lifestyle TV network called THE BACK 9 NETWORK.  My show is called OFF PAR.  The show will air weekdays Monday-Friday 8PM & 11 PM ET in 22 million homes on DIRECTV channel 262.  We launch Monday September 29th.

More info on my show and the awesomely cool Back 9 Network in coming days…but for today, I just wanted to say THANK YOU and farewell, not goodbye, to all my brothers and sisters in New York City- too numerous to list.  I’m eternally grateful.

I will miss it all…EXCEPT the Metro North & the NYC Subway system. You guys can suck it.

Love always,

Matty Blake